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Have you at anytime witnessed a relative of yours or a close friend searching frantically for a blood donor, when blood banks say out of stock, the donors in mind are out of reach and the time keeps ticking?This thought laid our foundation.

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Every 2 seconds someone needs blood. Your blood helps more than one life at a time. Accident victims, premature babies, patients undergoing major surgeries require whole blood, where your blood after testing is used directly.

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Some people who have serious injuries they need blood transfusions to replace blood lost during the injury.Regular blood donors ensure that a safe and plentiful supply of blood is available whenever and wherever it is needed.

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  • Giving blood saves lives. The blood you give is a lifeline in an emergency and for people who need long-term treatments.
  • Many people would not be alive today if donors had not generously given their blood.
  • We need over 6,000 blood donations every day to treat patients in need across Afghanistan. Which is why there‚Äôs always a need for people to give blood.
  • Each year we need approximately 200,000 new donors, as some donors can no longer give blood.
  • Most people between the ages of 17-65 are able to give blood.
  • Around half our current donors are over 45. That's why we need more young people (over the age of 17) to start giving blood, so we can make sure we have enough blood in the future.

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